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Korean title, related ISSN[edit]

I seem to have discovered a little mess with this ISSN with no clear answers for the moment, I am adding notes to this talk page so I don't forget later...

Firstly, "한국거미" does not transliterate to Han'guk Kŏmi Yŏn'guso in any Korean transliteration system, but rather just "Han'guk Kŏmi" or "Han'gug geo'mi" (at least in McCune–Reischauer, which ISSN seem to use I think?).

Additionally while looking into the above, I found that according to ISSN Portal, there are two ISSNs linked to the title "Korean Arachnology"

  • 1011-2014, Key title: Korean arachnology
  • 1225-6439, Key-title: Han'gug geo'mi (Parallel title: Korean Arachnology)
    • This ISSN is probably what "한국거미" goes with, given its transliteration is the key-title

Additionally still, according to Worldcat there is also a Korean title "Han'guk Kŏmi Yŏn'guso yŏn'gu pogosŏ" that is also titled "Korean Arachnology". As far as I can tell this is 한국거미연구소연구보고서 in Hangul, and translates to "Korea Spider Research Institute Research Report"? (Incidentally 한국거미연구소 or Han'guk Kŏmi Yŏn'guso may be just "Korea Spider Research Institute", and is probably the publisher of one or both of the ISSNs)

I am not sure yet why there are two ISSNs, not much on either exist online at the moment (though slightly more exists for 1225-6439: [1] [2]). I am also not sure whether "한국거미연구소연구보고서" corresponds to either of the two ISSNs. Monster Iestyn (talk) 14:11, 28 August 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]