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So far i know is Elachistinae the only subfamily from Elachistidae without Tribus.

For me we have two place the genera directly under Elachistidae.

In Shilap Revista de Lepidopterologia, 1995, 23 (92): 417-499 E. Traugott-Olsen have named some tribus (Mendesiini, Perittiini, Whitebreadiini, Stephensiini, Biselachistiini, Elachistini, Cosmiotini and Mendesiini).

In the modern publications they don't mentioned those tribus.

I am wondering. "Phylogeny and classification of the Elachistidae s.s. (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea)" is cited as a source. In the abstract of this article (see, one can read the following sentence: The classification of the gelechioid family Elachistidae (Lepidoptera) is revised on the basis of a phylogenetic analysis. Pee-Wee analysis of 131 characters of adult and pupal morphology and larval mode of life, coded for seventy elachistid species, results in a classification with three recognized genera: Perittia, Stephensia and Elachista. Is this the most recent revision of the family? If so, what are all those other genera doing here under the Elachistidae family? If someone knows, please let me know at my talk page at wikipedia. I am working on creating species articles, but can't really get a grip on what species belong to what family. It looks like a taxonomic mess to an amateur like me. Ruigeroeland (talk) 09:14, 23 September 2011 (UTC)