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Removed Families & Genera[edit]

Cladochytriaceae and Endochytriaceae are currently in the Cladochytriales. See Mozley-Standridge, Sharon E., et al. "Cladochytriales—a new order in Chytridiomycota." Mycological research 113.4 (2009): 498-507.

Synchytriaceae is in the Synchytriales. See Doweld, Index Fungorum, 92, 1, 2014

Harpochytriaceae is in the Monoblepharidales. See

Batrachochytrium is in the Rhizophydiales. see

Myiophagus is in the Blastocladiomycota See (Crud, that one is behind a paywall.)

It is disputed whether or not Ichthyochytrium is a fungus. See, for example: and

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