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The classification used in this article is disputed with another one. Here, you use this:

Class: Chilopoda, Subclasses: Anamorpha - Epimorpha

Subclass: Anamorpha, Ordines: Craterostigmomorpha - Lithobiomorpha - Scutigeromorpha

Subclass: Epimorpha, Ordines: Geophilomorpha - Scolopendromorpha

But there's another one that says:

Class: Chilopoda, Subclass: Notostigmophora, Order: Scutigeromorpha

Subclass: Pleurostigmophora, Ordines: Lithobiomorpha - Craterostigmomorpha - Scolopendromorpha - Geophilomorpha


Did some one had the reference for the current classification on this page? For see wich classification is the most recent? The reference gived by AFOH look to be recent.

More recent is the one I gave, I think, because the Scutigeromorpha order (house centipede) was separated to Notostigmophora, alone, and this seems to be logical, because this order is really different if compared to the other 4 ordines. And well, I trust the site, they give factible info, and also the Scutigeromorpha order was refreshed, it had the addition of a new family, and this order was disputed so I find it good to be separated. Check the info they give about Scutigeromorpha. (Plus, I need to find a scuty :D lol)