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Taxonavigation: Arthoniales 

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Fungi
Subregnum: Dikarya
Divisio: Ascomycota
Subdivisio: Pezizomycotina
Classis: Arthoniomycetes
Ordo: Arthoniales

Familia: Roccellaceae
Genus: Sporhaplus
Species: S. rondoniensis


Sporhaplus H.B.P. Upadhyay, 1964

Anamorphic Ascomycota

Life habit: Fungal parasite on living fungi

Type species: Sporhaplus rondoniensis H.B.P. Upadhyay, 1964


Primary references[edit]

  • H.B.P. Upadhyay, Publções Inst. Micol. Recife 402: 7 (1964)
  • Upadhyay, H.B.P. 1964: Three new hyperparasites for Mazosia phyllosema (Nyl.) A. Zahlbr. from Amazonas valley. Publicações do Instituto de Micologia da Universidade do Recife. 402:1-11.

Selected reference[edit]


  • Lawrey, J.D. and Diederich, P. (2011) Lichenicolous fungi – worldwide checklist, including isolated cultures and sequences available. - http://www.lichenicolous.net (4/10/2011)

Vernacular names[edit]