Solanum nitidum

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Taxonavigation: Solanales 
Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Lamiids
Ordo: Solanales

Familia: Solanaceae
Subfamilia: Solanoideae
Tribus: Solaneae
Genus: Solanum
Subgenus: S. subg. Solanum
Sectio: S. sect. Dulcamara
Species: Solanum nitidum


Solanum nitidum Ruíz & Pav. (1799:33)

  • Use of S. nitidum over S. calygnaphalum is based on first revision by Macbride (1962:209).
  • Lectotype: H. Ruiz & J. Pavón s.n. (MA-747147, MA)
    • Isolectotypes: MA (MA-747146, F neg. 29726), F (F-844722, frag.), G, P (P00366843, P00366844)
    • Designated by Knapp (1989:78), second-step designation by Knapp (2008:320).
  • Type location: Peru. Junín: Tarma province, May/June.


(After Knapp, 2013, with bibliographical corrections; Dashed numbers are accession numbers, nondashed numbers are barcode numbers.)

  • Solanum calygnaphalum Ruíz & Pav. (1799:31)
  • Solanum gnaphaloides Pers. (1805:223), nom. nov. superfl.
    • Neotype: H. Ruiz & J. Pavón s.n. (MA-747146, MA).
      • Designated by Knapp (2008:312).
    • Type location: Peru. Junín and Huánuco: Tarma and Acomayo provinces.
  • Witheringia angustifolia Dunal (1816:2)
  • Solanum cotopaxense Dunal (1852:139), nom. nov. non S. angustifolium
    Mill. (1768)
    • Holotype: A. Humboldt & A. Bonpland 3069 (P00136351, P-Bonpl.; Morton neg. 8171)
    • Type location: Ecuador. Cotopaxi: Mt. Cotopaxi.
  • Solanum heteranthera Willd. (1819:663)
    • Holotype: A. Humboldt & A. Bonpland s.n. (B-W-4347, B-W; F neg. 2893, IDC microfiche 271-315.298:III.5)
    • Type location: Ecuador. Cotopaxi: Cotopaxi, Jul 1802.
      • According to Knapp (2013), this and the type of Witheringia angustifolia are quite likely to be duplicates of the same collection.
  • Solanum nitidum var. angustifolium Dunal (1852:93)
    • Holotype: A. D'Orbigny 1536 (P00366857, P)
    • Isotype: G (G00343475, Morton neg. 8618)
    • Type location: "Bolivia".
  • Solanum rhamnoides Dunal (1852:100)
    • Holotype: A. D'Orbigny 293 (P00507312, P)
    • Type location: Bolivia. "Palea" [Palca?].
  • Solanum theresiae Zahlbr. (in Therese, 1902:83)
    • Holotype: Prinzessin Therese von Bayern s.n. (M0166048, M; F neg. 6547)
    • Type location: Bolivia. La Paz: La Paz, Oct 1898.


Vernacular names[edit]

(Knapp, 2013)

español: tacachilla, ñuñumaya, cahuincho
Runa Simi: ñuñumaya
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