Seok Kim

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Seok Kim (S. Kim)

Entomologist, Korea

Authored taxa[edit]

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(List may be incomplete)



  • Kim, S. ; Park, K.T. ; Byun, B.K. & Lee, S.W., 2010: Genus Promalactis (Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae) from North Vietnam, Part 1: description of five new species. Florida Entomologist 93 (4): 546–557. Full article: [1].


  • Kim, S. ; Park, K.T. ; Byun, B.K. ; Heppner, J.B. & Lee, S.W., 2012: Genus Promalactis Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae) in northern Vietnam. Part II: six new species of the genus. Journal of Natural History 46 (15-16): 897–909. Abstract: doi: 10.1080/00222933.2011.651634