Sarjit S. Rattan

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Sarjit S. Rattan   (S.S.Rattan)


Published name: Buellia saxatilis (Schaer.) El-Buni & S.S.Rattan, 1981
(See Dactylospora saxatilis)


  • El-Buni, A.M. and Rattan, S.S. (1981) Check List of Libyan fungi. Supplement to Flora of Libya (Tripoli): 9.
  • Rattan, S.S. (1977) The resupinate Aphyllophorales of the North Western Himalayas. Bibliotheca mycologica. 60: 427 pp.
  • Rattan, S.S. and Khurana, I.P.S.(1978) The Clavarias of the Sikkim Himalayas.