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Phillip Anthony Adams (1929–1998), U.S. entomologist

Taxon names authored

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  • Adams, P.A. 1978. Zoogeography of New World Chrysopidae, a progress report. Folia Entomologica Mexicana.
  • Adams, P.A. 1978. new species of Hypochrysa and a new subgenus and species of Mallada (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae). Pan-Pacific Entomologist.


  • Adams, P.A. 1982. Ceraeochrysa, a new genus of Chrysopinae (Neuroptera)(studies in New World Chrysopidae, part II). Neuroptera International. Reference page


  • Adams, P.A. & Penny, N.D. 1985. Neuroptera of the Amazon basin. Part 11a. Introduction and chrysopint. Acta Amazonica.
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