Rodolfo Amando Philippi

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Rodolfo Amando Philippi

Rudolph Amandus Philippi (September 14, 1808 – July 23, 1904), German-Chilean naturalist (botany, malacology, palaeontoloy). Also published as Rodolfo (or Rudolf) Amando Philippi.

Standard IPNI abbreviation: Phil.

Authored taxon names[edit]

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(List may be incomplete)

  • Philippi, R.A. 1837. Beweis, dass die Nulliporen Pflanzen sind. Archiv für Naturgeschichte 3: 387-393, figs 2-6, pl. IX.
  • Philippi, R.A. 1896. Peces nuevos de Chile. Anales de la Universidad de Chile, Memorias Cientificas y Literarias, (93-95): 375–390. reference page 

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