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Owain Westmacott Richards, O.W. Richards (1901–1984), British entomologist.

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  • Richards, O. W. 1927. The specific characters of the British bumblebees. Transactions of the Entomological Society of London 1927: 233-268, pls. 24, 25.


  • Richards, O. W. 1929. A revision of the humble-bees allied to Bombus orientalis Smith, with the description of a new subgenus. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (10)3: 378- 386.


  • Richards, O. W. 1931: Some notes on the bumble-bees allied to Bombus alpinus L. Tromse Museum Arshefer, (1927), 50(6): 1–32.


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  • Richards, O. W. 1935: Bombus muscorum (Linnaeus) and B. smithianus White (Hym.). Transactions of the Society for British Entomology, 2: 73–85.
  • Richards, O. W. 1935: Notes on the nomenclature of the aculeate Hymenoptera, with special reference to British genera and species. Transactions ofthe Royal Entomological Society of London, 83: 145–176.


  • Richards, O. W. 1937: Further notes on the nomenclature of the British aculeate Hymenoptera. Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London (B), 5: 169–173.
  • Richards, O. W. 1937. A study of the British species of Epeolus Latr. and their races, with a key to the species of Colletes. Transactions of the Society for British Entomology 4: 89- 130.



  • Richards, O.W. 1950. New species of Sphaeroceridae (Diptera) found with driver ants (Dorylinae). Bollettino dellí Istituto di Entomologia della Università degli Studi di Bologna 18: 14–23. Reference page


  • Richards, O. W. 1968. The subgeneric divisions of the genus Bombus Latreille. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History), Entomology 22: 211-276.



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  • Richards, O. W. 1978. Part 4, Hymenoptera, ix 􏰁 150 pp. in G. S. Kloet and W. D. Hincks, A Checklist of British Insects, 2nd ed. London: Royal Entomological Society of London. [Bees on pp. 134-140.]
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