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Protoopalina pingi


Taxonavigation: Opalinida 

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Chromista
Subregnum: Harosa
Infraregnum: Heterokonta
Phylum: Bigyra
Subphylum: Opalozoa
Superclassis: Opalinata
Classis: Opalinea
Ordo: Opalinida

Familia: Opalinidae
Genera: Bezzenbergeria – Cepedea – Hegneriella – Opalina – Protoopalina – Protozelleriella – Zelleriella


Opalinidae Claus, 1874

Synonyms or similar groups


Kahl (1930-1935)[edit]

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Kudo (1954)[edit]

From Protozoology, 4th ed., [4].

Phylum Protozoa Goldfuss

David J. Patterson (1999)[edit]

From The Diversity of Eukaryotes

In Stramenopiles, Slopalines
Clade Opalinidae

Delvinquier & Patterson in Lee et al. (2000)[edit]

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In “protozoa”, “stramenopiles