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Oliver Atkins Farwell (1867–1944), U.S. American botanist.

IPNI standard form: Farw.

Taxon names authored

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(List may be incomplete)

  • 1900. A catalogue of the flora of Detroit.
  • 1915. Notes On Michigan Liliaceae. Torrey Botanical Club
  • 1918. Notes on the Michigan flora. 195 pp.
  • 1918. The Trillium grandiflorum group: Farmington Township, Oakland County, Michigan. Ed. Michigan Academy of Science
  • 1919. Panicum lineare, L.. Ed. University Press
  • 1919. Bromelica (Thurber), a new genus of grasses. Ed. New England Botanical Club
  • 1922. Botanical source of the cola nut of commerce. Osyris alba substitute for Scoparius. Ed. Philadlephia College of Pharmacy
  • 1923. Corallorrhiza maculata Raf.. Ed. New England Botanical Club
  • 1923. Botanical gleanings in Michigan. Ed. University Press
  • Farwell, O.A. 1931. Fern Notes II. Ferns in the Herbarium of Parke, Davis & co. American Midland Naturalist 12(8): 233–311. JSTOR Reference page
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