Oleg Borisovich Blum

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Oleg Borisovich Blum (1937– ), Ukrainian lichenologist

IPNI Standard Form: O.B.Blum

Published author of :

Lobaria adscripturiens var. fuscotomentosa (Yoshim.) O.B.Blum, 1975
Aspicilia oxneriana O.B. Blum, 1964

Selected publication[edit]

  • Berlizov, A.N.; Blum, O.B.; Filby, R.H.; Malyuk, I.A. and Tryshyn, V.V. (2007) Testing applicability of black poplar (Populus nigra L.) bark to heavy metal air pollution monitoring in urban and industrial regions. - Science of the Total Environment 372: 693–706.   **[RLL List # 206 / Rec.# 28445] - (Recent Literature on Lichens)** (Abstract)

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