Nat. Pflanzenfam.

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Die natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien nebst ihren Gattungen und wichtigsten Arten, insbesondere der Nutzpflanzen

  • Normally just Die natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien
  • Abbreviations: Nat. Pflanzenfam. (ed. 1), Nat. Pflanzenfam. Nachtr. (supplement to ed. 1), Nat. Pflanzenfam., ed. 2 (ed. 2)
  • First edition: divided in four Teil ("parts",usually given in Roman numbers), subdivided in sometimes multivolume Abteilung("divisions"). Published nonsequentially between 1887 (Teil II, Abt. 2) and 1909 (Teil I, Abt. 3). The numbering used in references to identify parts is not always clear.
    • Online acces: BHL (missing only Supplement vol. 1)
  • Supplement: four volumes published in parts and sequentially 1897-1915.
  • Second edition: 20+ vol. published nonsequentially since 1924, volume numbers usually including a number, a letter and a roman numeral in that order. Most recent volume is 17aIV, Ranunculaceae, pub. 1995.

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