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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Protozoa
Subregnum: Sarcomastigota
Phylum: Choanozoa
Classis: Cristidiscoidea
Ordo: Ministeriida
Familia: Ministeriidae
Genus: Ministeria


Ministeria Patterson, Nygaard, Steinberg & Turley, 1993: 84


Patterson, Nygaard, Steinberg & Turley (1993)[edit]

Patterson, D. J. Nygaard, K. Steinberg, G. and Turley, C. M. 1992. Heterotrophic flagellates and other protists associated with detritus in the mid North Atlantic. Journal of the Marine Biological Association, UK 73: 67–95, [1].

Patterson, Simpson, & Rogerson, in Lee et al. (2000)[edit]

Patterson, D.J., Simpson, A.G.B. & Rogerson, A., 2000. Amoebae of uncertain affinities. In: Lee, J.J., Leedale, G.F. & Bradbury, P. An Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa. Society of Protozoologists/Allen Press: Lawrence, Kansas, U.S.A, 2nd ed., vol. 2, p. 804-827, [2]. See Brands, S.J. (1989-2015), [3], and Patterson, [4].