James Cosmo Melvill

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James Cosmo Melvill

James Cosmo Melvill (1845–1929), British botanist, phycologist, naturalist, malacologist and entomologist.

Standard IPNI form: Melvill

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  • Melvill, J. C., 1873. Description of Lycaena arthurus, a new European butterfly. Ent. mon. Mag. 9: 263. Reference page


  • Melvill J.C., 1898. Further Investigations Into the Molluscan Fauna of the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and Gulf of Oman: With Descriptions of Forty Species.
  • Melvill J.C., Standen R., 1898. Notes on a collection of marine shells from Lively Island, Falklands, with list of species. Journal of Conchology.
  • Melvill J.C., Ponsonby J.H., 1898. A contribution towards a check-list of the non-marine molluscan fauna of South Africa. Journal of Molluscan Studies.
  • Melvill J.C., 1898. Notes on a second collection of marine shelles from the Andaman islands, with descriptions of new forms of Terebra. Journal of Molluscan Studies.
  • Melvill J.C., Ponsonby J.H., 1898. IV.— Descriptions of ten new species of terrestrial Mollusca from South Africa. Journal of Natural History - Taylor & Francis.
  • Melvill J.C., 1898. XXXI.— A brief bibliographical Résumé of the Erythræan Molluscan fauna, with descriptions of sixteen species from Aden. Journal of Natural History.
  • Melvill J.C., Sykes E.R., 1898. Notes on a third collection of marine shells from the Andaman Islands with the description of new species of Mitra. Proc. malac. Soc.


  • Melvill J.C., Standen R., 1899. Report on the Marine Mollusca obtained during the First Expedition of Prof. AC Haddon to the Torres Straits, in 1888–89. Zoological Journal of the Linnean …


  • Melvill J.C., Standen R., 1900. Report on the Mollusca of the" Jackson-Harms worth" Expedition to Franz-Josef Land (1896-97), and of the" Andrew Coats" Cruise (1898) to Kolguev, etc. Memoirs and Preceedings of the Manchester Literary & …
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