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Michel P. Valim, Brazilian entomologist. Research associate at Museu de Zoologia da USP (MZUSP).

Author abbreviation: Valim

Authored taxa[edit]

(List may be incomplete)

Phthiraptera, Ischnocera, Heptapsogasteridae:

Phthiraptera, Ischnocera, Philopteridae:

Phthiraptera, Amblycera, Menoponidae:

Astigmata, Psoroptidia, Proctophyllodidae:

Astigmata, Psoroptidia, Trouessartiidae:

Astigmata, Psoroptidia, Pteronyssidae:

Astigmata, Psoroptidia, Listrophoridae:

Astigmata, Psoroptidia, Atopomelidae:

Prostigmata, Syringophilidae:


Selected on chewing lice

Selected on mites


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