Luis Miguel Sender

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Luis Miguel Sender.

  • Fundación Conjunto Paleontológico de Teruel-Dinópolis/Museo Aragonés de Paleontología, Teruel, Spain.

Taxon names authored

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  • Santos, A.A., Sender, L.M., Piñuela, L., García-Ramos, J.C. & Diez, J.B. 2022. First evidence of Ricciaceae in the Jurassic of the Iberian Peninsula (Asturias, NW Spain): Ricciopsis asturicus sp. nov. Botany Letters. 169 (4): 557-567.
  • Skog, J.E. & Sender, L.M. 2022. New information and family relationship (Hymenophyllaceae) for the fossil fern genus Acrostichopteris Fontaine and a new species from the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) of Spain. American Journal of Botany. 109 (9): 1443-1455.