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Linda Mary Irvine (1928–2020, née Newton), English phycologist specialised in the Coralinacea. Also active in the United States. Married to David Edward Guthrie Irvine (1924–1995).

IPNI standard form: L.M.Irvine

Taxon names authored

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  • Irvine, L.M. & Woelkerling, W.J. 1986. Proposal to conserve Phymatolithon against Apora (Rhodophyta: Corallinaceae). Taxon 35: 731–733. Reference page
  • Steentoft, M., Irvine, L.M. & Bird, C.J. 1991. Proposal to conserve the type of Gracilaria, nom. cons., as G. compressa and its lectotypification (Rhodophyta: Gracilariaceae). Taxon 40: 663–666.
  • Woelkerling, W.J. & Irvine, L.M. 1986. The typification and status of Phymatolithon (Corallinaceae, Rhodophyta). British Phycological Journal 21: 55–80, 18 figs.
  • Irvine, L.M. 1983. Seaweeds of the British Isles. Volume 1. Rhodophyta. Part 2A Cryptonemiales (sensu stricto) Palmerialies, Rhodomeniales London: British Museum (Natural History).



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