Lidia Itatí Ferraro

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Lidia Itati Ferraro (1951– ), Argentina lichenologist

IPNI standard form: L.I.Ferraro


Instituto de Botanica del Nordeste (IBONE), Sargento Cabral 2131, 3400 Corrientes, Argentina

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  • Recent literature on lichens -- Mattick's Literature Index.
  • Ferraro, L.I. 1986. Contribution to the study of Argentine Parmeliaceae. The genus Punctelia Krog and Flavopunctelia (Krog) Hale. - Phytologia 61(3): 189–203.
  • Aptroot, A/ Ferraro, L.I./ Lai, M-J./ Sipman, H.J.M./ Sparrius, L.B. 2003: Foliicolous lichens and their lichenicolous ascomycetes from Yunnan and Taiwan. - Mycotaxon 88: 41–47.
  • Ferraro, L. I./ Lücking, R. 2005: The genus Gomphillus (Ostropales: Gomphillaceae) in the Americas, with the new species Gomphillus pedersenii from Argentina. - The Bryologist 108(4): 491–496.

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