Lichenomphalia alpina

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Taxonavigation: Hygrophorineae 

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Fungi
Subregnum: Dikarya
Divisio: Basidiomycota
Subdivisio: Agaricomycotina
Classis: Agaricomycetes
Subclassis: Agaricomycetidae
Ordo: Agaricales
Subordo: Hygrophorineae

Familia: Hygrophoraceae
Subfamilia: Lichenomphalioideae
Tribus: Lichenomphalieae
Genus: Lichenomphalia
Species: Lichenomphalia alpina


Lichenomphalia alpina (Britzelm.) Redhead, Lutzoni, Moncalvo & Vilgalys, 2002




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  • Redhead, Lutzoni, Moncalvo & Vilgalys, Mycotaxon 83: 36 (2002)
  • Redhead, S.A.; Lutzoni, F.; Moncalvo, J.-M. and Vilgalys, R. 2002: Phylogeny of agarics: partial systematics solutions for core omphalinoid genera in the Agaricales (Euagarics). - Mycotaxon 83: 19–57.   **[RLL List # 190 / Rec.# 24013] - (Recent Literature on Lichens)** (Complete article) (PDF file)


Links to photos[edit]

  • The Lichen Herbarium, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway (Photo Gallery) - Lichenomphalia alpina

Vernacular names[edit]