Leonid Sergeevich Glikman

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Leonid Sergeevich Glikman (1929–2000), Russian palaeontologist. His Russian surname is also transliterated Glickman, Glueckman, and Glykman.

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  • Glikman, L.S. 1958. Rates of evolution in lamnoid sharks [in Russian]. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 123: 568–571. Reference page
  • Glikman, L.S. 1964. Akuly paleogena i ich stratigrafičeskoe značenie (Sharks of Paleogene and their stratigraphic significance). Nauka, Moskva. 229 pp., 76 fig., 31 pl. Reference page
  • Glikman, L.S. 1980. Evolution of Cretaceous and Cenozoic lamnoid sharks [in Russian]. Nauka, Moskau: 248 pp., 24 fig., 33 pl. Reference page


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