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Lawrence Edmonds Griffin (1874–1949), U.S. ichthyologist and herpetologist.

Taxon names authored

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(List may be incomplete)


  • Griffin, L.E. 1909. A List of Snakes Found in Palawan. Phillippine Journal of Science 4:595–601.


  • Griffin, L.E. 1916. A Catalog of the Ophidia from South America at Present (June, 1916) Contained in the Carnegie Museum with Descriptions of some New Species. Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum 7(3):163–228 + Plate XXVIII.


  • Griffin, L.E. 1917. A List of the South American Lizards of the Carnegie Museum, with Descriptions of Four New Species. Annals of the Carnegie Museum 11:304–320.
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