Koordersiella deightonii

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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Fungi
Subregnum: Dikarya
Divisio: Ascomycota
Subdivisio: Pezizomycotina
Classis: Dothideomycetes
Genus: Koordersiella
Species: Koordersiella deightonii


Koordersiella deightonii (D. Hawksw.) D. Hawksw. & O.E. Erikss., 1987

Life habit: Lichenicolous fungus (parasite on living lichens)   (on foliicolous Porina and ?Gomphillaceae)

  • Ascohansfordiellopsis deightonii D. Hawksw., Bull. Br. Mus. nat. Hist., Bot. 6(3): 221 (1979)


  • D. Hawksw. & O.E. Erikss., in Eriksson & Hawksworth, Syst. Ascom. 6(1): 134 (1987)
  • Eriksson, O. and Hawksworth, D.L. (1987) Notes on ascomycete systematics. Nos 225-463. - Systema Ascomycetum 6(1): 111–165.   **[RLL List # 133 / Rec.# 5116] - (Recent Literature on Lichens)**


  • Lawrey, J.D. and Diederich, P. (2010) Lichenicolous fungi – worldwide checklist, including isolated cultures and sequences available. Internet (1/12/2011)

Vernacular names[edit]