Karl Immanuel Eberhard Goebel

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Karl Immanuel Eberhard Goebel (1855–1932), German botanist.

IPNI standard form: K.I.Goebel

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  • Goebel, K.I.E. 1887. Outlines of Classification and Special Morphology of Plants. A new edition of Sach’s Text-Book of Botany, Book II. English translation by H. E. F. Garnsey <...> revised by I. B. Balfour. Oxford: Clarendon Press.
  • Goebel, K.I.E. 1900–1905. Organography of plants especially of the Archegoniatae and Spermatophyta. Authorized English edition by I. B. Balfour. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1: [i]–xvi, 1–270 [1900]; 2: [i]-xxiii, [1], [1]–707 [1905].
  • Goebel, K.I.E. 1915. Organographie der Pflanzen, ed. 2.
  • Goebel, K.I.E. 1924. Archegoniatenstudien. XVI. Vittariaceen und Pleurogrammaceen. Flora oder Allgemeine Botanische Zeitung 117(1–2): 91–132. DOI: 10.1016/S0367-1615(17)31060-1 Paywall Reference page
  • Goebel, K.I.E. 1930. Organographie der Pflanzen, ed. 3.
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