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John Dow Fisher Gilchrist (1866–1926), South-African ichthyologist.

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  • Gilchrist, J.D.F. 1906. Descriptions of fifteen new South African fishes, with notes on other species. Marine Investigations in South Africa, 4: 143–171, Pls. 37-51. Reference page
  • Gilchrist, J. D. F., 1913: Review of the South African clupeidae (herrings) and allied families of fishes. Marine biological report: for the year ended ... and for the half year ending ...; to be presented to the Provincial Council; Union of South Africa, Province of the Cape of Good Hope. 1: 46–66, Pl. 2.
  • Gilchrist, J. D. F., 1922: Deep-sea fishes procured by the S.S. "Pickle" (Part I). Report Fisheries and Marine Biological Survey, Union of South Africa, Rep. 2 (3): 41–79, Pls. 7-12.

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