Jean Houzeau de Lehaie

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Jean Houzeau de Lehaie (1867-1959), naturalist Belgian has devoted his entire life to the study of bamboo, the introduction of new species came mainly from Japan, China and then India and their acclimatization in Belgium in his property of Ermitage of Saint-Barthélémy (City of Mons).

Creator of a magazine published in the author (Le Bambou Bulletin périodique between 1906 and 1908), throughout his life he sent many taxons of hardy and tropical bamboos through Europe to climate limit of Norway and to Africa in an agricultural perspective. He also contributed to the study of orchids mainly in Belgium and France. His prehistoric studies include the Neolithic flint mining at Spiennes (near Mons). Indefatigable traveler throughout Europe, at the age 66 years and 67 years Jean Houzeau de Lehaie made two ethnographic expeditions French West Africa. Between 1945 and 1947 he publishes, even on his personal funds, the weekly "La solidarité paysanne" which aims to defend the peasant Biography of Jean Houzeau de Lehaie.

(Taxon authority - J. Houz.)