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James Murray (1865–1914), British biologist and tardigradologist.

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  • Murray, J. 1905. The Tardigrada of the Scottish Lochs. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, vol. 41, part. 3, no. 27: 677–698.
  • Murray, J. 1907. Some South African Tardigrada. Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society 5: 515–524. BHL
  • Murray, J. 1910. Tardigrada. British Antarctic Expedition 1907-9, Reports on the Scientific Investigations, vol. 1 , part 5: 83–187.
  • Murray, J. 1911. Scottish Tardigrada: A Review of our Present Knowledge. Annals of Scottish Natural History, no. 78: 88–95.
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