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  • Baehr, M. 2014: New species of the genus Arhytinus Bates. 3rd supplement to the “Revision of the genus Arhytinus Bates” (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Platynini). Spixiana 37(2): 219–230. Full article (PDF) Reference page
  • Ermilov, S.G. & Anichkin, A.E. 2014d. Two new species of Pedrocortesella, with the checklist of oribatid mites from riverine substrata in southern Vietnam (Acari, Oribatida, Pedrocortesellidae). Spixiana 37(2): 207–218. full article (PDF). Reference page
  • Schwabe, E.; Holtheuer, J.; Schories, D. 2014: First record of a mesoparasite (Crustacea, Copepoda) infesting a polyplacophoran (Mollusca, Polyplacophora) in Chilean waters, with an overview of the family Chitonophilidae (Crustacea & Mollusca). Spixiana 37(2): 165-182. Reference page


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