Homo sapiens denisovan

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†Homo sapiens denisovan (Debated)

Familia: Hominidae

Subfamilia: Homininae

Tribus: Hominini

Subtribus: Hominina

Genus: Homo

Species: Homo sapiens

Subspecies: †Homo sapiens denisovan


Homo sapiens denisovan

Type data

In 2019, Greek archaeologist Katerina Douka and colleagues radiocarbon dated specimens from Denisova Cave, and estimated that Denisova 2 (the oldest specimen) lived 195,000–122,700 years ago. Older Denisovan DNA collected from sediments in the East Chamber dates to 217,000 years ago. Based on artifacts also discovered in the cave, hominin occupation (most likely by Denisovans) began 287+41 or 203+14 ka.

The "Dragon Skull" was discovered almost 90 years ago, Japanese soldiers occupying northern China forced a Chinese man to help build a bridge across the Songhua River in Harbin. While his supervisors weren't looking, he found a treasure: a remarkably complete "human" skull buried in the riverbank. He wrapped up the heavy cranium and hid it in a well to prevent his Japanese supervisors from finding it.