Fritz Hochstätter

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Fritz Hochstätter

Fritz Hochstätter (1944– ), German botanist.

IPNI standard form: Hochstätter

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  • Hochstätter F. 1995. The genera Pediocactus, Navajoa, Toumeya, Cactaceae revised. In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains: description, distribution, cultivation, with Sclerocactus news. 167 p., illus., col. illus. Mannheim: Fritz Hochstätter. Reference page
  • Hochstätter, F. 2000. Yucca I – In the Southwest and Midwest of the USA, Canada and Baja California. Dehiscent-fruited species. Selbstverlag, Mannheim. ISBN 3-00-005946-6
  • Hochstätter, F. 2002. Yucca II – In the Southwest, Midwest and East of the USA. Indehiscent-fruited species. Selbstverlag, Mannheim. ISBN 3-00-009008-8
  • Hochstätter, F. 2004. Yucca III – Mexico. Indehiscent and dehiscent fruited species. Selbstverlag, Mannheim. ISBN 3-00-013124-8
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