Grigory Yakovlevich Bey-Bienko

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Grigori Bei-Bienko, Григорий Яковлевич Бей-Биенко Russian entomologist (1903—1971).

Authored taxa[edit]

(List may be incomplete)


(List may be incomplete)


  • Bey-Bienko, G.Y. 1955. Observations on faunistic and systematics of the superfamily Tettigonioidea (Orthoptera) from China. Zoologichesky Zhurnal, Moscow 34: 1250–1271.


  • Bey-Bienko, G.Y. 1957. Results of Chinese-Soviet zoological-botanical expeditions to South-western China 1955–1956. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie, Moscow 36: 401–417.


  • Bey-Bienko, G.Y. 1962: New or less-known Tettigonioidea (Orthoptera) from Sichuan and Yunnan results of Chinese-Soviet zoological-botanical expeditions of South-western China 1955–1957. Trudy Zoologicheskogo Instituta, Moscow 20, 111–138.


  • Bey-Bienko, G.Y. 1971: A revision of the bush-crickets of the genus Xiphidiopsis Redt. (Orthoptera: Tettigonioidea). Entomological Review 50: 472–483.