Sharon P. Gowan

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Sharon P. Gowan (fl. 1988), lichenologist,

IPNI standard form: Gowan

  • Master's thesis at Carleton University on the lichens of Fundy National Park, Ph. D. dissertation at Duke University on the lichen genus Porpidia.

Taxon names authored

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  • Cliostomum vitellinum Gowan
  • Porpidia calcarea Gowan
  • Porpidia carlottiana Gowan
  • Porpidia diversa (Lowe) Gowan
  • Porpidia grisea Gowan
  • Porpidia herteliana Gowan
  • Porpidia lowiana Gowan
  • Porpidia melinodes (Körber) Gowan & Ahti
  • Porpidia thomsonii Gowan



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