Franciso J. Camacho

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Franciso J. Camacho, lichenologist and mycologist

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Taxon names authored

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Lichen author of :

Trapeliopsis bisorediata McCune & F.J.Camacho, 2002
Trapeliopsis californica McCune & F.J.Camacho, 2002
Trapeliopsis steppica McCune & F.J.Camacho, 2002


  • 1999. Dissertation: Below Ground Biology of Botrychium pumicola (pummice grape fern, Ophioglossaceae). Oregon State University.
  • McCune, B., Camacho, F. and Ponzetti, J. (2002) Three new species of Trapeliopsis on soil in western North America. Bryologist 105: 78–85. [1]

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