Ferdinand Stoliczka

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Ferdinand Stoliczka, circa 1870

Ferdinand Stoliczka (1838–1874), Moravian (Austrian/Czech) zoologist and paleontologist.

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  • Stoliczka F., 1868. Ornithological observations in the Sutlej valley, N.W. Himalayas. Jour. Asiatic Soc. Bengal 37(2):1-70.



  • Stoliczka F., 1870. Pelecypoda of the Cretaceous rocks of Southern India. pp. 1-510. in The Pelecypoda, with a review of all known genera of this class, fossil and recent. in T. Oldham, Paleontologia Indica, being figures and descriptions of … vol. III. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India, Calcutta (BHL).
  • Stoliczka F., 1870. Observations on some Indian and Malayan amphibia and reptilia. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, Taylor & Francis.
  • Stoliczka F., 1870. Note on the Kjökkenmöddings of the Andaman Islands...


  • Stoliczka F., 1872. Notice of the mammals and birds inhabiting Kachh [Cutch]. Jour. Asiatic Soc. Bengal 41(2):211-258.


  • Stoliczka F., 1873. Letters to the Editor. Stray Feathers. 1(5):425-427.


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  • Stoliczka F., 1874. Letters to the Editor. Stray Feathers. 2(4&5):463-465.


  • Stoliczka F., 1875. The avifauna of Kashgar in winter. Stray Feathers. 3(1,2&3):215-220.

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