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David A. Ebert, US ichthyologist

  • Pacific Shark Research Center, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Moss Landing, CA 95039, USA.
  • Research Associate, Department of Ichthyology, California Academy of Sciences, 55 Music Concourse Drive, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA
  • Research Associate, South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, Private Bag 1015, Grahamstown, 6140, South Africa
  • E-mail: debert@mlml.calstate.edu

Taxon names authored

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  • Ebert, D.A., Haas, D.L. & Carvalho, M.R. de 2015: Tetronarce cowleyi, sp. nov., a new species of electric ray from southern Africa (Chondrichthyes: Torpediniformes: Torpedinidae). Zootaxa 3936(2): 237–250. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.3936.2.4 . Reference page
  • Walovich, K. A., Ebert, D. A., Long, D. J. & Didier, D. A., 2015: Redescription of Hydrolagus africanus (Gilchrist, 1922) (Chimaeriformes: Chimaeridae), with a review of southern African chimaeroids and a key to their identification. African Journal of Marine Science, 37 (2): 157–165.
  • Vásquez, V.E., Ebert, D.A. & Long, D.J. 2015. Etmopterus benchleyi n. sp., a new lanternshark (Squaliformes: Etmopteridae) from the central eastern Pacific Ocean. Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation 17: 43-55.PDF Reference page




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