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James Dwight Dana (1813–1895), United States geologist, mineralogist, volcanologist, and zoologist.

Taxon names authored

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  • Dana J.D., 1846 : Structure and classification of zoophytes.
  • Dana J.D., 1846 : Zoophytes.
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  • Dana J.D., 1846 : Genera of fossil corals of the family Cyathophyllidae.
  • Dana J.D., 1846 : XXIII. Notice of some genera of Cyclopacea. Journal of Natural History, Taylor & Francis.
  • Dana J.D., 1846 : ART. IX. Notice of some Genera of Cyclopacea. American Journal of Science and Arts (1820-1879).


  • Dana J.D., 1849 : Synopsis of the Genera of Gammaracea. The American journal of science and arts.


  • Dana, J.D. 1851. Conspectus crustaceorum quae in orbis terrarum circumnavi gatione, Carolo Wilkes e classe reipublicae foederatae duce, lexit et descripsit. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 5: 267–272. full article (BHL). Reference page
  • Dana, J.D., 1852a: Conspectus crustaceorum, etc., Conspectus of the Crustacea of the Exploring Expedition under Capt. Wilkes, U.S.N., including the Paguridea, continued, the Megalopidea, and the Macroura. Paguridea, continued, and subtribe Megalopidea. (Preprint from) Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, 6: 6–28, 1854.
  • Dana, J.D., 1852b: On the classification of the Corystoidea, Paguridea, etc. 2. Conspectus crustaceorum, etc.—Conspectus of the Crustacea of the Exploring Expedition under Capt. Wilkes, U.S.N. (Preprint from) American Journal of Science and Arts (2) 23: 119–124.
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  • Dana, J.D., 1853: ART. XVI.--On an Isothermal Oceanic Chart, illustrating the Geographical Distribution of Marine animals. American Journal of Science and Arts (1820-1879).
  • Dana, J.D., 1853: On coral reefs and islands.

1852 - 1855[edit]

  • Dana 1852-1855: Crustacea, United States exploring expedition during the years 1838-1842, Philadelphia: 13–14.


  • Clarke, J.M. 1913: Dana, the zoologist. Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, 24: 68–69.

Authored taxa[edit]