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Carter R. Gilbert American Ichthyologist.

Florida State Museum,. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A.

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(List may be incomplete)

  • Gilbert, C. R. 1961: Notropis semperasper, a new cyprinid fish from the upper James River system, Virginia. Copeia, 1961(4): 450–456.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1964: The American cyprinid fishes of the subgenus Luxilus (genus Notropis). Bulletin of the Florida State Museum, 8 (2): 1–194.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1965: Starksia y-lineata, a new clinid fish from Grand Cayman Island, British West Indies. Notulae Naturae (Philadelphia) 379: 1–6.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1966: Two new wormfishes (family Microdesmidae) from Costa Rica. Copeia, 1966(2): 325–332.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1966: Western Atlantic sciaenid fishes of the genus Umbrina. Bulletin of Marine Science, 16(2): 230–258.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1967: A revision of the hammerhead sharks. Proceedings of the United States National Museum, 119(3539): 1–88, Pls. 1-10.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1968: Western Atlantic batrachoidid fishes of the genus Porichthys, including three new species. Bulletin of Marine Science, 18(3): 671–730.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1969: Systematics and distribution of the American cyprinid fishes Notropis ariommus and Natropis telescopus. Copeia, 1969(3): 474–492.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1971: Emended publication dates for certain fish species described by E. D. Cope, with notes on the type material of Notropis photogenis (Cope). Copeia, 1971(3): 474–479.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1971: Two new Atlantic clinid fishes of the genus Starksia. Quarterly Journal of the Florida Academy of Sciences, 33(3) (1970): 193–206.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1971: Two new genera and species of western Atlantic gobiid fishes with vomerine teeth. Copeia, 1971(1): 27–38.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1972: Apogon leptocaulus, a new cardinalfish from Florida and the western Caribbean Sea. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 85(36): 419–425.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1973: Sphyrnidae (pp. 32-34). In: Hureau & Monod 1973. Check-list of the fishes of the north-eastern Atlantic and of the Mediterranean. CLOFNAM.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1974: Recent fishes. Pp. 110-115. In: Gilbert, C. R. (ed) Catalogue of type specimens in the Department of Natural Sciences, Florida State Museum. Bulletin of the Florida State Museum, Biological Sciences, 18(2).
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1977: Status of the western South Atlantic apogonid fish Apogon americanus, with remarks on other Brazilian Apogonidae. Copeia, 1977(1): 25–32.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1977: The gobiid fish Palatogobius paradoxus in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Northeast Gulf Science, 1(1): 48–51.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1978: Type catalogue of the North American cyprinid fish genus Notropis. Bulletin of the Florida State Museum, Biological Sciences, 23(1): 1–104.
  • Gilbert, C. R. 1978: The nominal North American cyprinid fish Notropis henryi interpreted as an intergeneric hybrid, Clinostomus funduloides X Nocomis leptocephalus. Copeia, 1978(1): 177–181.
  • Gilbert, C.R. 2015. Designation of a neotype for the kyphosid fish Kyphosus sectatrix (Linnaeus, 1758). Zootaxa 3999(2): 295–297. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.3999.2.9. Preview (PDF) Reference page
  • Gilbert, C.R., Mayden, R.L. & Powers, S.L. 2017. Morphological and genetic evolution in eastern populations of the Macrhybopsis aestivalis complex (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae), with the descriptions of four new species. Zootaxa 4247(5): 501–555. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4247.5.1 Full article (PDF). Reference page

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