Charles Samuel Pollock Parish

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Charles Samuel Pollock Parish

Charles Samuel Pollock Parish (1822–1897), Anglo-Indian botanist and plant collector.

IPNI standard form: C.S.P.Parish


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  • Reichenbach, H.G. (1865) New Plants. The Gardeners' Chronicle & Agricultural Gazette 434. BHL Reference page
  • Reichenbach, H.G. (1865) New Plants. The Gardeners' Chronicle & Agricultural Gazette 1035. BHL Reference page
  • Reichenbach, H. G. 1874. Enumeration of the Orchids collected by the Rev. E. C. Parish [SIC; C. Parish] in the neighbourhood of Moulmein, with Descriptions of the new Species., Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, 2nd series: Botany, 30(1): 133–155, DOI: 10.1111/J.1096-3642.1874.TB00004.X Paywall. BHL Reference page
    • "The rich Kew Herbarium contained several interesting specimens and sketches sent by the first-named gentleman [Mr. Parish]. When he came home in 1871 he brought with him a beautiful collection of careful water-colour drawings, with analytical sketches, which have proved exceedingly trustworthy. The collection of specimens and copies of the drawings were presented to the Kew establishment by their possessor. Having been invited to undertake the examination of the collection, I have compared them with the types preserved at Kew and with those in my own collection. It is my duty to acknowledge that Mr. Parish had done his best to name the plants correctly. I have therefore affixed to all the new species here described Mr. Parish's as well as my own name."
  • Reichenbach, H.G. 1874. New Orchids discovered by the Rev. C. Parish, at Moulmein. Journal of Botany, British and Foreign 12: 196-199. BHLReference page
  • Reichenbach, H.G. 1878. III. Orchideae E. C. Parishianae [SIC: C. Parishianae] Burmenses. Otia Botanica Hamburgensia 1: 37–50. BHL. Reference page: 
  • Anonymous (1897), "Obituary", ISSN 0030-4476, 5: 322–323, ISSN 0030-4476, Wikidata Q110271782 {{citation}}: |author1= has generic name (help)
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