Barinya wangala

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Taxonavigation: Dasyuromorphia 
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Clade: Marsupialiformes
Cohors: Marsupialia
Cladus: Australidelphia
Cladus: Eomarsupialia
Ordo: Dasyuromorphia

Familia: Dasyuridae
Subfamilia: †Barinyinae
Genus: †Barinya
Species: †Barinya wangala


Barinya wangala (Wroe, 1999)

Type locality: Riversleigh (Neville's Garden Site), Queensland, Australia.

Type specimen: QM F31408, a skull (nearly complete skull, with only the right ectotympanic, most of the right and left alisphenoid tympanic wings and the anteriormost tips of the nasals missing). Its type locality is Neville's Garden Site, which is in a Miocene terrestrial horizon in Australia.