Arkady A. Schileyko

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Arkady A. Schileyko, Russian myriapodologist

  • Zoological Museum of the Moscow Lomonosov State University, Bolshaya Nikitskaja Str. 6, Moscow, 103009, Russia.

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  • Schileyko, A.A. 2018. A contribution to the knowledge of the centipedes of Saint Barthélemy Island (French Antilles), with re-descriptions of Newportia heteropoda Chamberlin, 1918 and Cormocephalus impressus Porat, 1876 (Chilopoda: Scolopendromorpha). Zootaxa 4438(1): 59–78. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4438.1.2 Paywall Reference page
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