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André Koch, German herpetologist.

  • Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig, Leibniz Institute for Animal Biodiversity, Adenauerallee 160, D-53113 Bonn, Germany
  • Co-Chair IUCN SSC Monitor Lizard Specialist Group
  • Scientific Advisory Board of Reptile Database (
  • Scientific Advisor, Monitor Lizards Working Group of the German Society for Herpetology and Herpetoculture (DGHT)

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Koch A, Arida E, Riyanto A, Böhme W. 2009. Islands between the realms: a revised checklist of the herpetofauna of the Talaud Archipelago, Indonesia, with a discussion about its biogeographic affinities. Bonner Zoologische Beiträge 56: 107–129. Koch A, McGuire J, Arida E, Riyanto A, Hamidy A. 2009. First record of Gekko smithii Gray, 1842 (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) from Sulawesi, Indonesia. Salamandra 45: 172–176.


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Koch A, Ziegler T, Böhme W, Arida E, Auliya M. 2013. Pressing Problems: Distribution, Threats, and Conservation Status of the Monitor Lizards (Varanidae: Varanus spp.) of Southeast Asia and the Indo-Australian Archipelago. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 8: 1–62.


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Koch A, Ernst N, Eidenmüller B, Kraus F. 2014. New data on the rare Varanus bogerti Mertens, 1950 and V. telenesetes Sprackland, 1991 (Squamata: Varanidae), two endemic monitor lizard taxa from island groups off southeastern New Guinea. The Herpetological Journal 24: 111–122.






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