Allium subg. Nectaroscordum

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Taxonavigation: Asparagales
Classification System: APG III (down to family level)

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Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Ordo: Asparagales

Familia: Amaryllidaceae
Subfamilia: Allioideae
Tribus: Allieae
Genus: Allium
Subgenus: Allium subg. Nectaroscordum
Species: A. bulgaricum – A. koelzii – A. siculum – A. tripedale


Allium subg. Nectaroscordum (Lindl.) Asch. & Graebn. (1905)


  • Basionym
    • Nectaroscordum Lindl., Edwards's Bot. Reg. 22: t. 1912. 1836.
  • Homotypic
    • Allium sect. Nectaroscordum (Lindl.) Gren. & Godr., Fl. France (Grenier) 3: 212. 1855.
    • Allium subg. Nectaroscordum (Lindl.) Traub, comb. superfl.


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