Leiolepis ngovantrii

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Taxonavigation: Acrodonta
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Infraordo: Acrodonta

Familia: Agamidae
Subfamilia: Leiolepidinae
Genus: Leiolepis
Species: Leiolepis ngovantrii


Leiolepis ngovantrii Grismer & Grismer, 2010


cited sources[edit]

  • Grismer, J.L.; Grismer, L.L. (2010) Who’s your mommy? Identifying maternal ancestors of asexual species of Leiolepis Cuvier, 1829 and the description of a new endemic species of asexual Leiolepis Cuvier, 1829 from Southern Vietnam. Zootaxa, 2433: 47–61. Preview

Vernacular names[edit]

English: Ngo Van Tri’s Lady Butterfly Lizard
ไทย: แย้กะเทย