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  • Lopes-Andrade, C.; Zacaro, A.A. 2003: The first record of Ennearthron Mellié, 1847 (Coleoptera: Tenebrionoidea: Ciidae) in the Southern Hemisphere, with the description of a distinctive new species. Zootaxa, 395: 1-7. Abstract & excerpt reference page 

Zootaxa, 394: 1-28. Abstract & excerpt reference page  Zootaxa, 393: 1-11. Abstract & excerpt reference page  Zootaxa, 392: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt reference page  Zootaxa, 391: 1-20. Abstract & excerpt PDF reference page  Zootaxa, 390: 1-7. Abstract & excerpt PDF reference page  Zootaxa, 389: 1-10. Abstract & excerpt reference page  Zootaxa, 388: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt PDF reference page 


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  • Stoev, P.; Enghoff, H. 2003: Systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of genus Balkanopetalum Verhoeff, 1926 (Diplopoda: Callipodida: Schizopetalidae). Zootaxa, 272: 1-26. Abstract & excerpt reference page 

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Zootaxa, 386: 1-11. Abstract & excerpt PDF A strikingly coloured new species of Paragiopagurus Lemaitre, 1996 (Crustacea|Decapoda|Anomura|Parapaguridae) from French Polynesia R. LEMAITRE (USA) & J. POUPIN (France)

Zootaxa, 385: 1-68. Abstract & excerpt Publication and dating of the journals forming the Annals and Magazine of Natural History and the Journal of Natural History N.L. EVENHUIS (USA) Abstract & excerpt (|PDF}}; 10KB) |Full article (|PDF}}; 500KB) |Corrigendum Order |PDF}}

Zootaxa, 384: 1-14. Abstract & excerpt Sparisoma tuiupiranga, a new species of parrotfish (Perciformes|Labroidei|Scaridae) from Brazil, with comments on the evolution of the genus J.L. GASPARINI, J.|C. JOYEUX & S.R. FLOETER (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 383: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt A new species of Pseudopaludicola (Anura, Leptodactylidae) from northern Brazil A.A. GIARETTA & M.N.D.C. KOKUBUM (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 382: 1-7. Abstract & excerpt PDF A new species of Schinia Hübner (Lepidoptera|Noctuidae|Heliothinae) from Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana E. KNUDSON, C. BORDELON & M.G. POGUE (USA)

Zootaxa, 381: 1-11. Abstract & excerpt A new species of Chthonerpeton (Amphibia|Gymnophiona|Typhlonectidae) from Bahia, Brazil H.R. DA SILVA, M.C. DE BRITTO|PEREIRA & U. CARAMASCHI (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 380: 1-9. Abstract & excerpt PDF Agrilus (s. str.) betulanigrae MacRae (Coleoptera|Buprestidae|Agrilini), a new species from North America, with comments on subgeneric placement and a key to the otiosus species|group in North America T.C. MACRAE (USA)

Zootaxa, 379: 1-20. Abstract & excerpt The centipede genus Newportia Gervais, 1847, in Mexico|description of a new troglomorphic species; redescription of N. sabina Chamberlin, 1942; revival of N. azteca Humbert & Saussure, 1869; and a summary of the fauna (Scolopendromorpha|Scolopocryptopidae|Newportiinae) A. CHAGAS JUNIOR (Brazil) & R.M. SHELLEY (USA)

Zootaxa, 378: 1-14. Abstract & excerpt PDF Molecular confirmation of Anopheles (Anopheles) lesteri from the Republic of South Korea and its genetic identity with An. (Ano.) anthropophagus from China (Diptera|Culicidae) RICHARD C. WILKERSON (USA), CONG LI (China), LEOPOLDO M. RUEDA (USA), HEUNG–CHUL KIM (Rep. Korea), TERRY A. KLEIN (USA), GUAN–HONG SONG (China) & DANIEL STRICKMAN (USA)

Zootaxa, 377: 1-72. Abstract & excerpt PDF George Perry’s molluscan taxa and notes on the editions of his Conchology of 1811 R.E. PETIT (USA)

Zootaxa, 376: 1-18. Abstract & excerpt Two new species of Cyrtodactylus (Reptilia|Squamata|Gekkonidae) from Thailand A.M. BAUER (USA) , M. SUMONTHA (Thailand) & O.S.G. PAUWELS (Belgium)

Zootaxa, 375: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt PDF Myrmica afghanica (Hymenoptera|Formicidae), a new ant species from Afghanistan A. RADCHENKO (Poland) & G.W. ELMES (UK)

Zootaxa, 374: 1-26. Abstract & excerpt New fossil lace bugs (Heteroptera|Tingidae) from the Middle Eocene of the Grube Messel (Germany), with a catalog of fossil lace bugs T. WAPPLER (Germany)

Zootaxa, 373: 1-11. Abstract & excerpt Neolamprologus devosi sp. n., a new riverine lamprologine cichlid (Teleostei, Cichlidae) from the lower Malagarasi River, Tanzania R. SCHELLY (USA) , M.L.J. STIASSNY (USA) & L. SEEGERS (Germany)

Zootaxa, 372: 1-10. Abstract & excerpt Haplodendron buzwilsoni gen. nov., sp. nov., the first record of Haplomunnidae from the southern Indo|Pacific (Isopoda|Asellota) J. JUST (Australia) Abstract & excerpt (|PDF}}; 10KB) |Full article (|PDF}}; 170KB) Order |PDF}} |corrigendum

Zootaxa, 371: 1-26. Abstract & excerpt South African Latrunculiidae (Porifera|Demospongiae|Poecilosclerida)|descriptions of new species of Latrunculia du Bocage, Strongylodesma Lévi, and Tsitsikamma Samaai & Kelly T. SAMAAI (South Africa), M. J. GIBBONS (South Africa), M. KELLY (New Zealand) & M. DAVIES|COLEMAN (South Africa)

Zootaxa, 370: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt The tadpole of Physalaemus fuscomaculatus (Anura|Leptodactylidae), with a description of internal oral morphology F. NOMURA, D.D.C. ROSSA|FERES & V.H.M.D. PRADO (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 369: 1-15. Abstract & excerpt New records of rodent fleas from Queretaro, Mexico (Siphonaptera) R. ACOSTA (Mexico)

Zootaxa, 368: 1-32. Abstract & excerpt Two new and unusual genera of millipedes (Diplopoda|Polydesmida) from Tasmania, Australia R. MESIBOV (Australia)

Zootaxa, 367: 1-6. Abstract & excerpt Description of a new species of Ovaticoccus Kloet (Hemiptera|Coccoidea, Eriococcidae) from Belize, with remarkably large hind coxae and causing leaf|curl galls D.J. WILLIAMS & J.H. MARTIN (UK)

Zootaxa, 366: 1-10. Abstract & excerpt A new myrmecophilous Allochernes (Arachnida|Pseudoscorpiones|Chernetidae) from Catalunya, Spain H. HENDERICKX & V. VETS (Belgium)

Zootaxa, 365: 1-20. Abstract & excerpt PDF Occurrence of the milliped Sinocallipus simplipodicus Zhang, 1993 in Laos, with reviews of the Southeast Asian and global callipodidan faunas, and remarks on the phylogenetic position of the order (Callipodida|Sinocallipodidea|Sinocallipodidae) W.A. SHEAR, R.M. SHELLEY & H. HEATWOLE (USA)

Zootaxa, 364: 1-9. Abstract & excerpt A new species of the enigmatic genus Teremys Mason, T. hanniae, from Costa Rica (Hymenoptera|Braconidae) A.A. VALERIO (Costa Rica) & J.B. WHITFIELD (USA)

Zootaxa, 363: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt A new species of Pherania Strand, 1942 from southern Brazil (Arachnida|Opiliones|Gonyleptidae) A.B. KURY (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 362: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt Notes on the genus Iracema Pérez|Miles, 2000 with the first description of the male of I. horrida (Schmidt, 1994) (Araneae|Theraphosidae) R. BERTANI & S. CARLA|DA|SILVA (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 361: 1-52 (19 November 2003) 12 plates; 32 references Accepted. Abstract & excerpt; 10KB) |Full article (|PDF}}; 100KB) open access | Corrigenda

Zootaxa, 300: 1-64. Abstract & excerpt World Catalog of Bee Flies (Diptera|Bombyliidae)|Corrigenda and Addenda N.L. EVENHUIS & D.J. GREATHEAD (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 299: 1-19. Abstract & excerpt Hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) collected on the continental shelf of Brazil during the Geomar X Oceanographic Operation P.A. GROHMANN, C.C. NOGUEIRA & V.M.A.P. da SILVA (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 298: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt Amphiscolytus — a new genus, and Amphiscolytini — a new tribe of Scolytidae (Coleoptera) for Dacryophthorus capensis Schedl M. YU. MANDELSHTAM (Russia) & R.A. BEAVER (Thailand)

Zootaxa, 297: 1-7. Abstract & excerpt Two new species of Polycirrus (Polychaeta, Terebellidae) from Abrolhos Archipelago, Brazil A.R. S. GARRAFFONI & E.M. COSTA (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 296: 1-12. Abstract & excerpt A new polydesmid milliped genus and two new species from Oregon and Washington, U. S. A., with a review of Bidentogon Buckett and Gardner, 1968, and a summary of the family in Western North America (Polydesmida|Polydesmidae) R.M. SHELLEY (USA)

Zootaxa, 295: 1-7. Abstract & excerpt A new species of the genus Antennoseius (Ascidae |Mesostigmata) from India A.K. BHATTACHARYYA, A.K. SANYAL & T. BHATTACHARYA (India)

Zootaxa, 294: 1-16. Abstract & excerpt PDF Systematics of Schinia cupes (Grote) complex|Revised status of Schinia crotchii (Hy. Edwards) (Lepidoptera|Noctuidae|Heliothinae) M.G. POGUE & C.E. HARP (USA)

Zootaxa, 293: 1-16. Abstract & excerpt The dorsal abdominal glands and the higher classification of the Phoridae (Diptera) R.H.L. DISNEY (UK)

Zootaxa, 292: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt PDF Rhinocricidae Systematics I|The taxonomic placement of the species of Zipyge Chamberlin, 1925 and Oxypygides Chamberlin, 1922 (Diplopoda|Spirobolida|Rhinocricidae|Oxypyginae) J.E. BOND & P.E. MAREK (USA)

Zootaxa, 291: 1-7. Abstract & excerpt PDF Pseudoplesiops wassi, a new species of dottyback fish (Teleostei|Pseudochromidae|Pseudoplesiopinae) from the West Pacific A.C. GILL & A.J. EDWARDS (UK)

Zootaxa, 290: 1-4. Abstract & excerpt A new species of the genus Neobelocera (Homoptera|Delphacidae) from China X.|S. CHEN (China)

Zootaxa, 289: 1-6. Abstract & excerpt A new species of Ashlockobius (Heteroptera|Rhyparochromidae|Myodochini) from Venezuela P.M. DELLAPÉ (Argentina)

Zootaxa, 288: 1-6. Abstract & excerpt Synonymizing Microtomus sticheli Costa Lima, 1935 under M. tibialis Stichel, 1926 and redescription of the species (Heteroptera|Reduviidae) M.D.C. COSCARON, M.C. MELO & N. CUELLO (Argentina)

Zootaxa, 287: 1-54. Abstract & excerpt Seven new species of the Neotropical electric fish Gymnotus (Teleostei, Gymnotiformes) with a redescription of G. carapo (Linnaeus) J. S. ALBERT & W.G.R. CRAMPTON (USA)

Zootaxa, 286: 1-4. Abstract & excerpt A new species of the bee genus Chlerogella from Panama (Hymenoptera|Halictidae) M.S. ENGEL (USA)

Zootaxa, 285: 1-10. Abstract & excerpt PDF A new species of the loricariid catfish genus Hemipsilichthys from southern Rio de Janeiro coastal rivers, southeastern Brazil (Teleostei|Siluriformes) E.H.L. PEREIRA, R.E. REIS, P. F.M. SOUZA & H.|R. LAZZAROTTO (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 284: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt PDF Clarias insolitus, a new species of clariid catfish (Teleostei|Siluriformes) from southern Borneo H.H. NG (USA)

Zootaxa, 283: 1-12. Abstract & excerpt The Helicopsyche (Feropsyche) (Insecta, Trichoptera, Helicopsychidae) from Barro Colorado Island, Panama K.A. JOHANSON (Sweden)

Zootaxa, 282: 1-14. Abstract & excerpt Portaratrum, a new genus of deep-sea Tanaidacea (Crustacea) with description of two new species J. GUERRERO|KOMMRITZ (Germany)

Zootaxa, 281: 1-60. Abstract & excerpt Octocorals from Costa Rica: The genus Pacifigorgia (Coelenterata|Octocorallia|Gorgoniidae) O. BREEDY (Costa Rica) & H.M. GUZMAN (Panama)

Zootaxa, 280: 1-104. Abstract & excerpt A review of the hyperiidean amphipod superfamily Vibilioidea Bowman and Gruner, 1973 (Crustacea|Amphipoda|Hyperiidea) W. ZEIDLER (Australia)

Zootaxa, 279: 1-6. Abstract & excerpt A new genus and species of Typhinae (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Muricidae) from off northeastern Brazil R. S. ABSALÃO & F.N. DOS SANTOS (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 278: 1-23. Abstract & excerpt Eucoilinae species (Hymenoptera|Cynipoidea|Figitidae) parasitoids of fruit|infesting dipterous larvae in Brazil|identity, geographical distribution and host associations J. A. GUIMARÃES (Brazil), F. E. GALLARDO (Argentina) , N. B. DIAZ (Agentina) & R. A. ZUCCHI (Brazil) Abstract & excerpt (|PDF}}; 10KB) |Full article (|PDF}}; 790KB) Order |PDF}} |corrigenda

Zootaxa, 277: 1-18. Abstract & excerpt Gymnotus ucamara|a new species of Neotropical electric fish from the Peruvian Amazon (Ostariophysi|Gymnotidae), with notes on ecology and electric organ discharges W.G.R. CRAMPTON (USA), N. R. LOVEJOY (Canada) & J. S. ALBERT (USA)

Zootaxa, 276: 1-320. Abstract & excerpt Systematics of Phasia Latreille (Diptera|Tachinidae) X. SUN & S. A. MARSHALL (Canada)

Zootaxa, 275: 1-214. Abstract & excerpt PDF Revision of the Neotropical caddisfly genus Phylloicus (Trichoptera|Calamoceratidae) A. L. PRATHER (Canada)

Zootaxa, 274: 1-6. Abstract & excerpt A sympatric species pair|Spogostylum ocyale (Wiedemann, 1828) and S. griseipenne Macquart, 1850 (Diptera|Bombyliidae) D.J. GREATHEAD (UK)

Zootaxa, 273: 1-15. Abstract & excerpt PDF The Neotropical species Askalaphium depressum (Bates)|Larval description, first diagnosis and illustrations of immature Ctenodactylini, with natural history notes on the genus and tribe (Coleoptera|Carabidae) T. L. ERWIN & R. F. MEDINA (USA)

Zootaxa, 272: 1-26. Abstract & excerpt Systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of genus Balkanopetalum Verhoeff, 1926 (Diplopoda|Callipodida|Schizopetalidae) P. STOEV (Bulgaria) & H. ENGHOFF (Denmark)

Zootaxa, 271: 1-7. Abstract & excerpt Two new species of eriophyid mites (Acari|Eriophyidae) from Guadeloupe and Marie Galante, with records on other plant mites C. H.W. FLECHTMANN (Brazil) & J. ETIENNE (Guadeloupe)

Zootaxa, 270: 1-24. Abstract & excerpt Revision of the New Caledonian genus Mecynostomella (Trichoptera, Kokiriidae) K.A. JOHANSON (Sweden)

Zootaxa, 269: 1-7. Abstract & excerpt Redescription of Bursaphelenchus talonus (Thorne, 1935) Massey, 1956 (Nematoda|Parasitaphelenchidae) and designation of lectotypes T.R. KAISA (USA)

Zootaxa, 268: 1-4. Abstract & excerpt PDF The genus Scirtothrips in Australia (Insecta, Thysanoptera, Thripidae) M.S. HODDLE (USA) & L.A. MOUND (Australia)

Zootaxa, 267: 1-7. Abstract & excerpt Two new species of Anthaxia Eschscholtz, 1829 from Spain (Coleoptera|Buprestidae) L. ARNÁIZ|RUIZ & P. BERCEDO|PÁRAMO (Spain)

Zootaxa, 266: 1-4. Abstract & excerpt Redescription of Helicopsyche peruana Banks, 1920 (Trichoptera, Helicopsychidae) KJELL ARNE JOHANSON (Sweden)

Zootaxa, 264: 1-6. Abstract & excerpt A new Costa Rican species of Leptanilloides (Hymenoptera|Formicidae|doryline section|Leptanilloidinae) J.T. LONGINO (USA)

Zootaxa, 263: 1-11. Abstract & excerpt Haplohyphes (Ephemeroptera|Leptohyphidae), new species and stage descriptions with a key to separate the species of the genus C. MOLINERI (Argentina)

Zootaxa, 262: 1-10. Abstract & excerpt A new phytotelmatic species of Monopelopia Fittkau, 1962 (Insecta|Diptera|Chironomidae|Tanypodinae) from South Brazil H.F. MENDES, C.B. MARCONDES & L.C. DE PINHO (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 261: 1-7. Abstract & excerpt Two new species of Basilia Miranda|Ribeiro, 1903 (Diptera|Nycteribiidae), members of the ferruginea group, from Southern Brazil G. GRACIOLLI (Brazil)

Zootaxa, 260: 1-4. Abstract & excerpt PDF Hadena ligata Möschler (Lepidoptera|Noctuidae)|distribution and revised taxonomy T.L. MCCABE (USA)

Zootaxa, 259: 1-39. Abstract & excerpt Crozetia Davies (Diptera|Simuliidae)|redescription of Cr. crozetensis, Cr. seguyi, number of larval instars, phylogenetic relationships and historical biogeography D.A. CRAIG (Canada), D.C. CURRIE (Canada) & P. VERNON (France)

Zootaxa, 258: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt Macrobiotus polonicus, a new species of Tardigrada from Poland (Eutardigrada|Macrobiotidae, ‘hufelandi group’) G. PILATO (Italy), L. KACZMAREK (Poland), L. MICHALCZYK (Poland) & O. LISI (Italy )

{{zootaxa|2003|257|1|14 Revision of the thamnocephalid Genus Phallocryptus (Crustacea; Branchiopoda; Anostraca) D.C. ROGERS (USA )

Zootaxa, 256: 1-14. Abstract & excerpt Cladistic analysis and biogeography of Brachystethus Laporte (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae, Edessinae) A. BARCELLOS & J. GRAZIA (Brazil )

Zootaxa, 255: 1-8. Abstract & excerpt Revision of the subgenus Dufourea (Flavodufourea) Ebmer, 1984 (Hymenoptera, Halictidae, Rophitinae) and description of a new species D.(Flavodufourea) ulkenkalkana sp.nov. from Kazakhstan S. PATINY (Belgiun )

Zootaxa, 254: 1-20. Abstract & excerpt Description of Durckheimia lochi n. sp., with an annotated checklist of Australian Pinnotheridae (Crustacea|Decapoda|Brachyura) S.T. AHYONG & D.E. BROWN (Australia )

Zootaxa, 253: 1-35. Abstract & excerpt Systematics of the Neotropical species of Styringomyia Loew (Diptera|Tipulomorpha|Limoniidae) GUILHERME CUNHA RIBEIRO (Brazil )

Zootaxa, 252: 1-11. Abstract & excerpt Apteronotus caudimaculosus n. sp. (Gymnotiformes|Apteronotidae), a sexually dimorphic black ghost knifefish from the Pantanal, Western Brazil, with a note on the monophyly of the A. albifrons species complex C.D. DE SANTANA (Brazil )

Zootaxa, 251: 1-12. Abstract & excerpt The development of the male second antenna in Polyartemiella hazeni (Murdoch, 1884) with a morphological definition of the Chirocephalidae (Crustacea|Anostraca) D.C. ROGERS (USA )

Zootaxa, 250: 1-27. Abstract & excerpt New Records of ground beetles for Colombia (Coleoptera|Carabidae) C. MARTINEZ (Colombia )

Zootaxa, 248: 1-4. Abstract & excerpt A new Cryptalyra species from Colombia (Hymenoptera|Megalyridae) S. R. SHAW (USA)

Zootaxa, 247: 1-16. Abstract & excerpt PDF Early stages of the enigmatic Prodidactis mystica (Meyrick) with comments on its new family assignment (Lepidoptera|Prodidactidae) M. E. EPSTEIN & J. W. BROWN (USA)

Zootaxa, 246: 1-19. Abstract & excerpt PDF Austalis, a new genus of flower flies (Diptera|Syrphidae) with revisionary notes on related genera F. C. THOMPSON (USA)

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Zootaxa, 154: 1-23. Abstract & excerpt Redescription, shell variability and geographic distribution of Plagiodontes dentatus (Wood, 1828) (Gastropoda|Orthalicidae|Odontostominae) from Uruguay and Argentina J. PIZÁ & N. J. CAZZANIGA (Argentina)

Zootaxa, 153: 1-10. Abstract & excerpt New genus and species of eriophyid mites (Acari, Eriophyidae) from Myrtaceae in Brazil, with notes on damages caused by Aculus pitangae Boczek & Davis C. H.W. FLECHTMANN & G. J. DE MORAES (Brazil)

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Zootaxa, 149: 1-10. Abstract & excerpt Aculus sayanicus, a new species of Eriophyidae (Acari|Eriophyoidea) from grasses in Russia ANNA SKORACKA & ANNA PACYNA (Poland)

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Zootaxa, 141: 1-43. Abstract & excerpt A review of the hyperiidean amphipod family Cystisomatidae Willemöes|Suhm, 1875 (Crustacea|Amphipoda|Hyperiidea) WOLFGANG ZEIDLER (Australia)

Zootaxa, 140: 1-6. Abstract & excerpt Hexapodibius christenberryae, a new species of tardigrade from North America (Eutardigrada, Calohypsibiidae) G. PILATO & M.G. BINDA (Italy)

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Zootaxa, 137: 1-10. Abstract & excerpt Description of the female and larval stage of Odontophotopsis succinea Viereck (Hymenoptera|Mutillidae), with new synonymy and notes J.P. PITTS & F.D. PARKER (USA)

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Zootaxa, 135: 1-4. Abstract & excerpt A new species of the water mite genus Kawamuracarus Uchida from Oman (Acari|Hydrachnidia) H. SMIT (The Netherlands)